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Bet on rugby wc win your share of R4000 in prizes with Betfred!

  1. Prematch and Live Rugby Bets: In sports betting, “prematch” refers to bets placed on games or events before they begin, while “live” or “in-play” bets are placed while the event is ongoing. In this competition, both types of bets on rugby matches are eligible.
  2. Earning Points: Participants in this competition can earn points based on the bets they place. It’s common for sports betting competitions to have a points-based system where the value of your bet determines the number of points you earn. In this case, it appears that the amount you bet contributes to your points on a leaderboard.
  3. Example: The example provided involves a R100 betslip, which includes 4 soccer (football) legs and 1 rugby leg. The term “leg” typically refers to an individual bet within a combination or accumulator bet. In this example, out of the R100 bet, R20 will be earned on the leaderboard. This suggests that a portion of the bet, in this case, 20% of it, goes towards earning points in the competition.
  4. Leaderboard: A leaderboard is a ranking system that displays the standings of participants in the competition. The points earned from bets are used to determine the rankings on the leaderboard. Usually, participants with the highest points are at the top of the leaderboard, and those with lower points are ranked below.
  5. Competition Structure: To understand how this competition works in more detail, you would need additional information. Typically, such competitions have rules and guidelines regarding eligible bets, scoring, and prizes. Participants may be competing for prizes, bonuses, or other rewards based on their performance on the leaderboard.
Bet on rugby wc win your share of R4000 in prizes

During this competition, any Prematch or Live rugby bets you make will contribute to your position on the leaderboard. For instance, if you place a R100 bet containing 4 soccer bets and 1 rugby bet, you will earn R20 on the leaderboard.

Prizes for this competition include:

  • TVs, which will be awarded in the form of a Takealot voucher worth R6,000.
  • Inverters, which will be awarded in the form of a Takealot voucher worth R3,500.
  • Cash prizes will be added directly to your Betfred wallet.

If your bet slip includes multiple sports, with rugby not being the sole sport, the stake will be divided equally among the sports on the bet slip.

The leaderboard will be updated every Monday morning after each round of action in the Rugby World Cup.

Please note the following:

  • Prizes cannot be transferred to others.
  • Betfred reserves the right to withhold prizes in cases of cheating, repeated negative or opposite betting, collusion with other players, or repeated bets at very short odds.
  • Betfred also has the right to withdraw or modify these promotional terms and conditions at its sole discretion, including decisions related to prize distribution.

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