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Irish Objection Promotion with Hollywood Bets!

If you place a straight win bet on a horse and it gets objected against, resulting in the race being awarded to a different runner, Hollywoodbets will provide a complete refund of your stake amount. To learn more about this exceptional objection promotion, feel free to contact the Hollywoodbets helpline at 087 353 7634.

Irish Objection Promotion

To take part in this promotion, individuals must be at least 18 years old and hold an active Hollywoodbets account. This offer is open to all Hollywoodbets account holders. If you place a bet on the horse that finishes in first place, but due to an objection, another horse is declared the winner, Hollywoodbets will reimburse your wager amount. This promotion exclusively pertains to straight win bets.

reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, or modify this offer along with its terms at its discretion and without prior notice. The right to participate is held by Hollywoodbets. By participating in the promotion, every Hollywoodbets account holder is assumed to have recognized and agreed to the regulations associated with it.

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