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The Rugby World Cup 2023: A Betting Extravaganza in France

Rugby is a popular betting sport in Africa, offering more than just teams competing for scores.
It is a good time to prepare oneself for an exciting journey into the world of rugby betting during the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France with this concise guide to Rugby Betting. Make informed choices and enjoy the thrill of wagering on your favorite teams and matches.

Understanding the Differences: Rugby Union vs. Rugby League

Rugby Union and Rugby League may appear similar, but they have significant differences that set them apart:

  • Rugby Union players must legally maintain the ball when tackled, while in Rugby League, teams surrender possession after six tackles.
  • Rugby League often sees players kicking for territory, and the scrum is uncontested, with more athletic players replacing forward positions.

Live Streams & In-play Rugby Betting

  • Betting in-play while watching a live stream from a bookmaker offers valuable insights into the game’s flow.
  • A strong knowledge of the game and instincts can help make informed decisions.
  • Act quickly in response to injuries and questionable refereeing decisions for advantageous betting opportunities.

Fixed-Odds vs. Exchange Betting

  • Fixed-odds betting stands once you place a bet at a traditional bookmaker, regardless of later odds changes.
  • Exchange sites like Smarkets and Betfair revolutionize in-play betting, allowing users to buy and sell odds like stocks.
  • Exchange odds are set by users, often providing more favorable odds than traditional bookmakers.

Exploring Betting Markets and Types of Rugby Bets

When entering the world of rugby betting, consider these factors:

  • The specific betting market you want to wager on (e.g., outright winner, prop bets, tournament winner).
  • The type of bet you wish to place (e.g., parlay, multiple, single).

Popular Rugby Betting Markets

Outright Winner

  • Bet on the team that will emerge victorious in a tournament, group stage, or a single rugby match.

Match Winner

  • Rugby tournaments consist of multiple matches, each with one winner, though draws are less common.

Handicap Betting

  • Bet on a team to win or lose within a predetermined margin.
  • A ‘+’ sign means they can lose within the margin and still win the bet, while a ‘-‘ sign requires them to win by more points.

Total Points

  • Bet on the total number of points scored in a rugby game, typically in an over/under market.

Winning Margin

  • Bet on the margin by which a team will win a rugby game, often available when one team is a heavy favorite.

Exotic & Prop Bets

  • Explore unconventional bets like “Half With Most Tries,” “Alternative 2 Way Handicap Betting,” “Team A To Win Both Halves,” and “Team To Score Last.”

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