Ethiopian Dominance: Double Victory in Women’s Marathon at IAAF Budapest

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Ethiopians’ Early Dominance Gives Way to Beriso’s Commanding Victory

Amane Beriso emerged as the indisputable champion of the women’s marathon at the World Athletics Championships, showcasing her dominance over her competitors in the face of challenging weather conditions.

Amane Beriso’s authoritative performance illuminated the World Athletics Championships as she clinched victory in the women’s marathon, surmounting sweltering morning conditions to secure a commanding lead over her compatriot and reigning champion, Gotytom Gebreslase.

Initially, the Ethiopian contingent showcased remarkable teamwork, hinting at a potential clean sweep. However, the race’s dynamics shifted dramatically. Beriso, who had already demonstrated her prowess by registering the third-fastest marathon time in history last December in Valencia, made a decisive move during the final phase. As the runners entered the last of the four 10km laps, Beriso surged ahead and ultimately completed the race in 2:24.23.

Despite the early start time of 7 a.m., the athletes encountered searing temperatures, resulting in a cautious and strategic approach during the initial stages of the race. A breakaway group of six athletes eventually emerged, and as the race unfolded, the four Ethiopian runners joined forces to surge ahead in the final lap.

Beriso’s determination and strength were evident as she steadily increased her lead, leaving Yehualaw trailing by 20 meters. Gebreslase fought her way back into second place after Yehualaw’s performance dwindled, enabling Gardadi to seize the opportunity and secure her bronze medal.

In the end, Beriso’s lead remained unassailable, showcasing her exceptional abilities and earning her the coveted title. Amane Beriso’s victory will be remembered as a testament to her tenacity and skill on this scorching and challenging day of competition.
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