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250% Big Boost for Small Bets by 1957Bet

Looking to turn small bets into big wins? Look no further than 1957bet’s exciting Win Bonus offer! This innovative promotion supercharges your multi-bets (bets that combine multiple selections) with additional payouts based on the number of selections you include.

Welcome to a world of bonus winnings on your sports multi-bets. As you add more selections to your bet, your odds multiply, allowing you to build bets with big odds quickly. When your bet wins, 1957Bet will add even more on top as your win bonus.

250% Big Boost 1957Bet soccer ball on fire

Here’s how it works:

  • Simple Concept: Place a multi-bet with at least three selections (legs) and watch your potential winnings grow with each additional leg.
  • Bigger Bets, Bigger Bonuses: The more selections you add, the higher your Win Bonus percentage climbs, reaching a whopping 250% for 35-leg bets!
  • Boost Your Bottom Line: Imagine winning a multi-bet with high odds, and then receiving an additional 250% on top! That’s a massive increase in your payout.


Let’s say you place a 35-leg multi-bet with odds of 5,000 and a stake of GH¢10. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Standard Payout: A typical bookmaker would pay you GH¢10 x 5,000 = GH¢50,000.
  • 1957bet Win Boost: With the 250% Win Bonus, you’d receive an additional GH¢124,975 on top of your winnings.
  • Total Payout: This translates to a massive GH¢50,000 (standard payout) + GH¢124,975 (Win Bonus) = GH¢175,000!

Key Points to Remember:

  • Minimum Requirements: Qualify for the Win Bonus with a minimum stake of GH¢1 and bets containing at least three selections.
  • Selection Odds: Each selection in your multi-bet must have odds of 1.2 or higher.
  • Win Bonus Calculation: The Win Bonus is applied to your net winnings (excluding your stake).
  • Cancelled/Postponed Events: Cancelled selections won’t count towards your Win Bonus percentage. Bets with postponed events won’t be settled until the postponed game is played.

Ready to Supercharge Your Winnings?

Head over to 1957bet and start building your multi-bets today. With the Win Bonus offer, even small stakes can lead to big rewards!

For a complete Win Bonus breakdown by the number of selections, please refer to the 1957bet website or you may visit our 1957Bet Review Page here in Booldo.

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