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SELL BET SLIP With 22bet!

The firm provides a “bet slip sale” functionality, enabling users to swiftly retrieve either the entire or a portion of their wager directly into their account if they prefer not to await the finalization of the bet. This choice can be accessed within the Bet History section of My Account or on the My Bets tab located on the bet slip.

Within the 22bet slip sale dialogue window, patrons are granted the option to select between a complete or partial sale. Here, they can input the desired amount to be returned from the bet slip’s cost into their account. The remaining stake remains on the bet slip, continuing to be active, as if the designated amount had initially been wagered. The final amounts are confirmed upon the customer’s activation of the “Sell” button.

The minimum and maximum sums that can be reclaimed into the customer’s account are uniquely determined for each specific bet slip. In certain instances, only the alternative to retrieve the full stake will be accessible, and the frequency of partial sales is restricted only by the size of the stake.

The timing of a customer’s decision to sell their bet slip influences the outcome of the sale. If alterations in the match circumstances transpire between the initiation of the bet slip sale window and its eventual sale, the sale’s benefit to the customer may shift accordingly.

Single, accumulator, and system bet slips are all eligible for sale, contingent upon the following exceptions:

  • The bet slip has been settled.
  • One or more outcomes within the bet slip are locked.
  • The bet slip encompasses outcomes that are not eligible for sale.
  • The bet slip has already undergone a sale.
  • The bet slip’s value has altered, necessitating a reassessment by the customer.

The discretion of the company also extends to the possibility of blocking bet slip sales. Instances where technical glitches hinder the service’s availability are beyond the Company’s liability. The Company retains the prerogative to suspend this service at its discretion, with no obligation to provide a rationale. If technical glitches materialize during any phase of a bet slip sale transaction, the transaction can be annulled. In all such scenarios, bet settlements proceed as usual, contingent on event outcomes.

The Company does not assure the vendibility of every wager placed on the platform. The confirmation of a bet slip’s vendibility is only ascertainable once the bet is accepted.

The Company’s offered price for selling the bet slip is non-negotiable. Patrons possess the freedom to either agree to the sales terms or decline the sale at the specified price.

Furthermore, the Company introduces an “Autosale” attribute. This empowers customers to stipulate rules for the automatic sale of their bet slips. They can specify the price at which the bet slip is to be automatically sold. Periodic recalculations of the bet slip’s value transpire, and once it aligns with the chosen value, the sale occurs automatically.

Customers retain the choice to opt for a complete or partial sale of their bet slip before the automatic process takes effect. However, this selection disengages the Autosale feature.

The terms and conditions of Autosale mirror those of bet slip sales, incorporating the same limitations and parameters.

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