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Celebrate your victory with complete bet insurance coverage! Our valued customers have the option to safeguard their bets, whether in full or in part.


Our insurance service comes at a reasonable cost, dependent on the prevailing odds of the event to be insured.

This insurance offer applies to both single and accumulator bets, excluding other types of bets with 1xbet. If, unfortunately, a bet turns out to be unsuccessful, the insured portion of the bet will be fully refunded.

For instance, let’s consider a scenario where a customer places a 10 EUR bet at odds of 1.8. They wish to insure the entire bet, and we offer insurance at the price of 5 EUR. Should they choose to proceed, their account will be debited for 5 EUR. In the event that the bet is successful, the customer will receive the full amount of 18 EUR. However, if the bet ends up losing, the customer will still receive 10 EUR as the entire stake amount had been insured (10 EUR).

Multiple insurances can be purchased for the same bet, allowing customers the flexibility to insure different percentages. For example, a customer can first insure 10%, then 30%, and later another 50%. It’s essential to note that the insurance price may vary based on the current odds fluctuations. Nonetheless, the cumulative amount of all purchased insurance must not surpass 100% of the initial bet.

For cryptocurrency bets, all types of bonuses are unavailable, without exception. We prioritize transparency and fairness for all our customers.

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