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How do I find out my Advancebet amount? The available Advancebet amount can be viewed on your Bet Slip. Click on the “Find out” button opposite “Available Advancebet” and you will see the funds available as an Advancebet.


On which types of event can I use my Advancebet? Advancebets can only be placed either on Live sports events or on sports events that are due to start within 48 hours.

Terms of Advancebets: Additional Advancebets can be placed even if you already have unsettled Advancebets. 1xBet reserves the right to offer or cancel this bonus at the discretion of the company without stating a reason. Advancebets are offered based on an evaluation of the potential returns from your unsettled bets. All bets placed before Advancebets and settled within 48 hours after placing of Advancebets will be used to cover the Advancebets made. If, after settlement of the bets made before Advancebets, the returns do not cover the amount of the Advancebets used, the Advancebets are deemed void. Deposits made after using an Advancebet cannot be used for covering the Advancebets. All types of bonus are disabled for cryptocurrencies, without exception.

Example: Your account balance is $260. You have made the following bets:

  • $100 at odds of 1.5 – potential returns are $150.
  • $150 at odds of 2 – potential returns are $300. Now your available balance is $10.

We offer you an Advancebet of $100. Now you are able to place bets with a combined stake of up to $110.

You place a bet with a stake of $30 ($10 of your available balance and $20 of the Advancebet amount) at odds of 1.5. Potential returns are $45.

You also place a bet with a stake of $50 (from your Advancebet balance) at odds of 2. Potential returns are $100.

Let’s consider 3 possible outcomes:

  1. Bets made using the Advancebet amount have won. Expected payouts are $45 and $100. Bets made using own account balance have lost. Bets using the Advancebet amount will be deemed void. Your own funds of $10 that were part of your Advancebet stake will be refunded to your account.
  2. Bets made using the Advancebet amount have lost. Bets using own account balance have won. The payout is (150+300) = $450. $50 and $20 were used as Advancebets (plus $10 of your own funds). The amount of the Advancebets made will be deducted from the payout (150+300)-50-20 = $380. So, $380 will be credited to your account.
  3. Bets made using the Advancebet amount have lost. Bets made using own funds have lost. In this case, bets made as Advancebets will be deemed void. $10 of your own funds used as part of your Advancebet stake is deemed to be lost.

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