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Enjoy Cash in with Cash-Out With GreatOdds

The Cash Out feature enables customers to collect a return on their bet before the market(s) for their selected option(s) closes. It allows customers to secure a profit if their selection is performing well or minimize potential losses if they believe the bet is unlikely to be successful (“Cash Out”).

Cash Out You're In Control

Cash Out is available for open bets on specific market types. Customers can view their eligible open bets for Cash Out in the My Bets section on the website’s Bet Slip or through the My Bets link in the mobile header (“Cash Out Offer”).

Please note that there may be a time delay for Cash Out Offers, similar to the delay for placing in-play bets. During this time, price changes or market suspensions may result in a new Cash Out Offer, or the previous Cash Out Offer may be suspended or removed.

The displayed Cash Out Offer amounts are not guaranteed. Cash Out requests may be unsuccessful if the market is suspended or if the odds used to calculate the Cash Out Offer amount have changed during the acceptance process.

Once GreatOdds accepts the Cash Out request, customers can Cash Out their bet at the offered amount displayed in the My Bets section on the website’s Bet Slip or through the My Bets link in the mobile header. The Cash Out Offer takes into account the overall liability of the bet and the probability of its success.

A “Successful Cash Out” occurs when a customer chooses to Cash Out, and GreatOdds accepts the request at the offered price. When a Successful Cash Out happens, the bet is considered settled and final. Any funds returned to the customer’s account will be equal to the Cash Out Offer and will fully settle the respective bets.

The final outcome of the bet will not affect the amount returned to the customer’s account.

Customers should not place bets solely with the intention of Cash Out, as availability is never guaranteed.

Cash Out Offers are subject to maximum payout limits (refer to section 8 for details).

GreatOdds reserves the right to modify, suspend, or remove Cash Out availability at any time for any market or customer.

Greatodds will not be responsible for any errors related to Cash Out Offers. In such cases, Greatodds has the right to cancel the Cash Out Offer or void the Cashed-Out transaction.

Bets eligible for bonuses, which are subject to Successful Cash Out, will not count towards bonus turnover.

Bets placed using free bet vouchers as partial or full payment will not qualify for Cash Out.

If applicable in the jurisdiction, GreatOdds will deduct taxes from the Cash Out sum.

While we strive for accuracy on booldo.com, we are not liable for any discrepancies in bonuses and promotions. In case of differences, the operator's site details prevail. Please read their terms and gamble responsibly.