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SELL BET SLIP With 22bet!


22Bet offers a feature called “Bet Slip Sale” which allows you to sell your bet back to the bookmaker before the event has concluded. This is similar to the “Cash Out” feature offered by other betting sites.

Introducing the “Bet Slip Sale” Feature
The Company presents a convenient “Bet Slip Sale” feature, enabling customers to swiftly reclaim their complete or partial wager straight into their account, should they prefer not to await the bet’s settlement. This option is conveniently accessible within the “Bet History” section of “My Account” or the “My Bets” tab situated on the bet slip.

In the bet slip sale dialogue box, customers have the freedom to choose between a full or partial sale. Within this dialogue, customers can input the specific amount they wish to retrieve from their bet slip’s total cost, thereby transferring it back into their account. The remainder of the initial stake remains on the bet slip, continuing to contribute as though the chosen amount was originally wagered. The customer’s confirmation is finalized upon pressing the “Sell” button on 22bet.

Both the minimum and maximum amounts eligible for withdrawal into the customer’s account are individually determined for each bet slip. Certain scenarios might only provide the option for complete stake withdrawal, while the frequency of partial sales is governed solely by the bet slip’s stake size.

The timing of a customer’s decision to sell their bet slip holds sway over the sale’s outcome. Fluctuations in the match’s circumstances between the initiation of the bet slip sale window and the final sale itself could render the sale more or less advantageous for the customer.

The bet slip sale option extends to single bets, accumulators, and system bet slips. However, certain conditions prohibit the sale of a bet slip, including if the slip has been settled, certain outcomes within the slip have been blocked, the slip contains non-saleable outcomes, it has been previously sold, or its value has altered – in which case, customers must verify the new value before proceeding.

The Company retains the right to suspend this service at its discretion, and technical malfunctions resulting in unavailability are not the Company’s responsibility. Instances of technical issues during the sale process might lead to the cancellation of the transaction, with all bets settled according to the event’s actual outcome.

The Company doesn’t guarantee the sale of every bet placed on the website. Confirmation of a bet slip’s sale feasibility only occurs after the bet has been accepted.

Furthermore, the Company offers an “Autosale” function empowering customers to establish sale rules for their bet slips. Customers can predefine the price at which their bet slip should be automatically sold. The sale price is periodically recalculated, and once it aligns with the chosen amount, the slip is promptly sold.

It’s important to note that choosing to fully or partially sell a bet slip before its automatic sale will deactivate the Autosale feature. The terms and conditions for Autosale correspond with those of the bet slip sale, including its limitations and specifications.

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