2030 World Cup will see African Country Co-costing the Games?

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Waka, Waka -This Time (again) for Africa?
Marocco has launched a sixth attempt to become a host for Soccer WorldCup

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, announced that that Portugal will join Portugal and Spain in a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup. This follows Ukraine’s withdrawal due to the ongoing war with Russia. Morocco’s sports minister, Chakib Benmoussa, expressed confidence that it is the right time for the country to make its sixth attempt to host football’s men’s World Cup.

Speaking in Kigali, where Morocco’s part in the bid was announced at Fifa’s annual congress, Benmoussa emphasized the natural synergy between the three countries, citing their close ties. Spain and Portugal have invested heavily in infrastructure, and Morocco hopes to benefit from this. Benmoussa also pointed out that geographically, the distances between the three countries are closer than other groups, such as South America, which is slated to host future World Cups.

It is worth noting that while Portugal and Spain are members of UEFA, Morocco is a member of CAF, making this the first time in the history of world football that two continental federations have come together to make a joint bid for the World Cup.

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