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By Joshua Opatoyinbo

Players love to try their hands on several betting options just to ensure they beat the bookies and strike a huge payout. Punters from Kenya are also not left out as about 57% of the population claim to have engaged in a form of gambling or the other. One of the growing alternatives which are gaining momentum in the world of betting is the Handicap Betting option. Although it might sound new, this option has been in existence for a long time and provides another dynamic to betting.

What is Handicap Betting?

All sporting activities are based on chance and capability. Handicap betting is one of the fastest-growing and most popular sports betting strategies used by many punters to better their chances of winning a bet.

Handicap betting occurs when there is an apparent strength difference between two teams. Consequently, it provides the underdog with an advantage of one or more goals or the favorite with a disadvantage which it must overcome before either of them becomes victorious.

Basic types of Handicap Betting

Football is a very popular sport in Kenya, and many bookies offer punters a variety of Handicap based options for their amusement. In Kenya, customers are treated to various types of handicap betting. Some of the most popular ones are;

  • 3-way handicap betting

In this type, there can be three outcomes of a bet: a win, a draw, or a loss. This type of handicap betting offers players the privilege to bet on the handicap tie option. Selecting a tie means punting on the contest finishing in a triumph for the team receiving the deficit (favorite) by the exact winning margin or more 

  • Level handicap betting

Also known as No-draw handicap betting, both opponents are capable of winning the other, thereby having equal chances. It means that the possibility of a draw is eliminated by allowing half point(s) such as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc. to certain outcomes. Therefore, it makes it perfect for punters in search of an alternative to conventional 1×2.

  • Asian handicap betting

This type of football betting market is planned to level the playing field as all handicap betting does. It is a variation of the level handicap bet type but it exists in two sub-types. For this reason, they offer the possibility of a split whereby you could select a whole, half, or a quarter number. Hence, the bettor places two bets on the same game.

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Bookies that offer Handicap Betting in Kenya

Players can enjoy handicap betting from some of the top bookmakers in the country. You will find high odds and a variety of options from bookies like:

  • Odibets
  • 1xBet
  • MelBet
  • Betway
  • 22bet

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