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Cashout you,re in control with Great odds!

Cash Out is a feature that empowers Greatodds customers to take control of their bets by allowing them to receive a return on their wagers before the markets for their selected events conclude. This tool enables customers to either secure a profit when their chosen selections are performing well or mitigate potential losses when they believe their bets are unlikely to result in victory. In essence, Cash Out provides a valuable mechanism for bettors to make informed decisions and manage their betting positions effectively.

Cashout you,re in control

The availability of Cash Out is contingent upon the specific market types and the status of a customer’s open bets. To identify which of their bets are eligible for Cash Out, customers can conveniently navigate to the “My Bets” section on the Bet Slip when using the website or access it through the “My Bets” link in the header on mobile devices. This section will display the Cash Out Offer associated with each eligible bet.

It is important to note that a Cash Out Offer may experience a time delay, similar to the delay experienced when placing in-play bets. During this delay, fluctuations in prices or market suspensions can occur, potentially resulting in the issuance of a new Cash Out Offer or the suspension/removal of the existing one.

Customers should be aware that the amounts displayed as Cash Out Offers are not guaranteed. Cash Out requests may fail if, during the acceptance process, the market is suspended or the odds used to calculate the Cash Out Offer change significantly. The determination of the Cash Out Offer takes into account the overall liability of the bet and the likelihood of the bet being successful.

A “Successful Cash Out” is defined as when a customer chooses to Cash Out, and Greatodds accepts the request at the offered price. Once a Successful Cash Out occurs, the bet is considered settled and final. Any funds returned to the customer’s account will be equal to the Cash Out Offer amount and serve as full and final settlement for the associated bets. Importantly, the final result of the bet will not affect the amount returned to the customer’s account.

It is essential for customers to understand that bets should not be placed solely with the intention of using Cash Out, as Cash Out availability is never guaranteed. Customers should use this feature judiciously and as part of their overall betting strategy.

Cash Out Offers are subject to maximum payout limits, which can be found in section 8 of the terms and conditions. Greatodds reserves the right to modify, suspend, or remove Cash Out availability at any time, on any market, or for any customer without prior notice.

Customers should also be aware that Greatodds will not be held liable for any errors related to the Cash Out Offer. In the event of such errors, Greatodds retains the right to cancel the Cash Out Offer or void the Cashed-Out transaction.

Finally, it’s important to note that bets that qualify for bonuses and are subject to a Successful Cash Out will not count towards the turnover requirements for those bonuses. This means that the funds obtained through Cash Out will not contribute to the bonus turnover, and customers should factor this into their betting strategy when using Cash Out in conjunction with bonus offers.

In conclusion, Cash Out is a valuable tool that allows customers to manage their bets effectively by providing the option to secure returns before the conclusion of an event. While it offers flexibility and control, customers should use it wisely, keeping in mind that availability is not guaranteed, and the terms and conditions outlined by Greatodds apply.

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