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Refer a Friend and Get a R50 Bonus with Hollywood Bets!

Boost your potential earnings with Hollywoodbets’ Refer a Friend incentive! Whenever you successfully introduce a friend to Hollywoodbets, we’re thrilled to offer you a complimentary R50 betting voucher as a token of our appreciation.

Refer a Friend and Get a R50 Bonus
  1. A ‘Friend’ is an individual who lacks an existing or previous Hollywoodbets account.
  2. A ‘Successful Friend’ is someone who has spent at least R75.
  3. The REFER A FRIEND feature is accessible on both the mobile platform and the online/mobile account registration pages.
  4. Referrals are valid only if the referred ‘Friend’ fits the ‘Successful Friend’ definition.
  5. Each referrer introducing a ‘Successful Friend’ receives a R50 bonus in their Hollywoodbets account.
  6. The referred ‘Friend’ must not have had a Hollywoodbets account previously.
  7. The R50 bonus is credited to the referrer’s betting account 24 hours after the referred ‘Friend’ attains ‘Successful Friend’ status. The referrer can withdraw this R50 Bonus.
  8. The referred ‘Friend’ receives a complimentary R25 signup bonus upon Hollywoodbets account creation. To reach ‘Successful Friend’ status, the ‘Friend’ must deposit R50 and achieve a total turnover of R75 (including R25 signup bonus and R50 deposit).
  9. The ‘Successful Friend’ cannot withdraw until the full amount has been turned over.
  10. This promotion is open to all active Hollywoodbets account holders.
  11. Only individuals aged 18 and above can open a Hollywoodbets account.
  12. If a ‘Friend’ attains ‘Successful Friend’ status but the referrer hasn’t received the R50 bonus within 24 hours, the existing account holder must contact or call the Helpline at 087 353 7634.
  13. Hollywoodbets reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, or modify the offer’s terms at any time without prior notice. Participation rights are reserved.
  14. Customers can refer only individuals they know personally (spamming is prohibited).
  15. Participation in the promotion implies acknowledgment and acceptance of the rules by all Hollywoodbets account holders.
  16. To refer a friend, use this link for their registration: https://register.hollywoodbets.net/south-africa/1.

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